• Film submission extended

    The film submission has been extended to 31.05.2015. We await your films! read more

    Entry form

    http://www.kan.art.pl/formularz-zgloszeniowy/ read more


    We apologize everyone alarmed by the lack of the submission form and website problems. We ask for your patience. The form will soon b available in the KAN2015 menu. We apologize for the inconvenience and ... read more


    We invite you to get familiar with the new regulations and instructions regarding KAN's XV edition. We are accepting films until 31.05.2015 (determined via postmark date). The films should be sent to the address:   ... read more

  • Regulamin

    THE STATUE OF the 15th edition of the Amateur and Independent Cinema Festival KAN 2015   CHAPTER I General provisions §1 1.      The Festival has an international character and is the competitive overview of the ... read more

    Kino na Hranici/ Cinema on the Border

    Kino na Hranici/ Cinema on the Border


    Another May weekend passed, for some it was rainy, for other sunny and Californian, but there was also a climate of Czech absurd. The KAN Team have just returned from Cieszyn, where the sixteenth edition of the Film Review Cinema on the Border has just ended. 

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  • A one year break is ahead of us

    A one year break is ahead of us

    Please find below somme important news.

    To summarize: what and how?
    A one year break is ahead of us.

    Thank you for the tons of questions, all the sent films and letters.

    After kilometres of speaking, a great deal of passionate "for" and "against" we decided to take a one year break. This is not a break from work!

    By questions you can always contact us here or via info@kan-fest.pl

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    New Year Wishes

    New Year Wishes

    On New Year we wish you happiness, good cinema, good movie choices and unforgettable experiences: Godard in TV: Fellini in private libraries, Bergman on meetings of movie discussion clubs, picture and sound of the highest quality, independent productions in the neighbourhood, fruitful movie arguments and fantastic movie-maniacs all around.


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